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The automated invoicing platform on a mission to help your business thrive.

Why Use Biller Genie?

Collect ACH and credit card payments online, automate the invoicing process, and so much more. Because you have a business to run. And we think you should spend less time on tedious tasks and more time growing your business.  


  • Accepts Electronic Payments: Biller Genie’s secure, easy-to-navigate Branded Customer Portal gives your customers a familiar place to make credit card or ACH payments online. 

  • Automates Your Invoicing Processes: Standardize and automate the entire follow-up process. Biller Genie’s Invoice Messenger features seven different automated reminders you can set on your schedule.

  • Reconciles Instantly: Biller Genie automatically reconciles successful payments and syncs with AccountingSuite so you don’t have to. 

  • Eliminates Duplicate Work: Say goodbye to duplicate tasks and pesky busy work. Biller Genie automatically syncs your customer and invoice data from AccountingSuite and back again. 

  • Customer Portal: Give your customers a familiar, secure place to make payments, view payment history, and store payment info—all branded to your company. 

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"Before Biller Genie, my invoicing process was tedious, time-consuming and ineffective. Most invoices were over 90 days past due — and I was calling clients to take credit card information and track down late payments. Biller Genie has saved me so much time and now I can focus on my business."

Jennifer E. Shechter, CPA; Partner

Shechter & Associates

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